Ceepco Contracting - Project-Focused Consulting Company

Ceepco Contracting

Ceepco Contracting is a Silver Spring, Maryland, design-build and consulting firm that offers government agencies, as well as commercial and private organizations, with a full range of quality-focused technical services and support. The Ceepco Contracting team encompasses engineers, management planners, environmental scientists, and veteran licensed technicians.

In the environmental engineering sphere, the company works to partner with local communities to ensure that their specific challenges are resolved. A number of team members maintain certification in areas such as lead assessment and asbestos building inspection. Ceepco Contracting’s engineers have experience in managing diverse projects undertaken by agencies under regulations such as the Resource Conservation Recovery Act and the National Historic Preservation Act.

Ceepco Contracting also has an extensive background in general construction and manages an array of projects, ranging from major construction to limited repairs. In one high-profile project involving The E. Barrett Prettyman Federal Courthouse, the company performed design-build services on a new building - registered with the National Register of Historic Places - that came under federal protection.